Detector test requirements, prescribed by national and international fire safety codes and standards, invariably require appropriate stimulus, representative of the fire condition the sensor is designed to detected, to be introduced to the sensor from the protected atmosphere, where appropriate through the detector vents or along its sampling paths, to the sensor. Testifire enables compliance to these requirements safely and cost effectively.

Audit trails are required on an increasing basis in today's society. Sometimes they assist with logistics and sometimes they are required to prove work done to 3rd parties. Testifire's optional Communications Module provides links to mobile audit and record keeping applications with links to back office systems. Names, dates, locations and results can be stored both there and, using RFID tags, on or near detectors on site.

  • Health and Safety regulations mean that transport and / storage of pressurised aerosol hazards are increasingly expensive and / or restrictive. Testifire wholly eliminates these through use of capsules for smoke and controlled CO generation
  • Non-flammability can be a key requirement for test stimuli being introduced to electrical circuits. Testifire's unique, patented stimuli have been confirmed as non flammable by UL
  • Annual calibration of test equipment, traceable to national standards can be required under 3rd party certification schemes to which competent, professional Fire Safety organisations are accredited. Through Testifire Exchange units are serviced, recalibrated, certificated and even upgraded