One of the many advantages Testifire offers over traditional test tools is its green credentials. Testifire uses non-pressurised capsules to generate smoke and CO stimuli - eliminating the concerns associated with pressurised aerosol cans in terms of global warming and volatile organic compounds.

  • Health and Safety regulations mean that transport and / storage of pressurised aerosol hazards are increasingly expensive and / or restrictive. Testifire wholly eliminates these through use of capsules for smoke and CO generation.
  • Global warming (GWP) and volatile organic compound (VOC) are unavoidable side effects of the use of pressurised aerosols as testers. They are effectively eliminated through use of Smoke and CO capsules instead.
  • Recycled plastics have been a core part of Testifire design. Not only are units manufactured from recycled plastics but components that are consumed are designated suitable for continued recycling.