Health & Safety

  • Elimination of pressurised containers - while familiar to most of us in everyday use, aerosols represent potential hazards to users. While accidents are rare, excessive temperatures or accidental damage can result in considerable damage. Testifire's use of non pressurised capsules eliminates these risks.
  • Transport and / storage regulations for pressurised aerosol hazards are increasingly expensive and / or restrictive. Testifire wholly eliminates these through use of capsules for smoke and controlled CO generation
  • Non-flammability can be a key requirement for test stimuli being introduced to electrical circuits. Testifire's unique, patented stimuli have been confirmed as non flammable by UL
  • Lack of stored CO, with the gas being generated only on demand and in controlled quantities renders Testifire unique. Without Testifire, the only way of testing a CO sensor properly is to introduce CO from pressurised canisters or cylinders.