Use of Testifire has seen a significant increase in productivity for many users. Reports of time savings of up to 45 minutes per day are common - with an increasing number of engineers finding they can move around site quicker thanks to efficiency provided by a 3 in 1 tester compatible with the widest range of detectors.

  • Time savings and productivity savings (66% +) through:
    • Dramatic reduction in reset times through use of clearing cycle
    • Latest technology stimuli generation and delivery
    • Replacement of multiple tool with a single tester
    • Combined stimuli deployment on multi-sensor detectors
    • Faster testing of higher temperature detectors with hi-heat mode
  • Unique ability to activate detectors using complex interdependent sensor algorithms
  • Elimination of detector contamination and damage risk through controlled stimuli release
  • Greater immunity from variation in ambient conditions through new stimuli generation technologies
  • Wider range of detectors accommodated with wider cup and remote control option

Professional testing requires professional equipment. Obvious or superficial as it may appear, Testifire leaves little doubt that the user is a professional, taking the job seriously and doing it properly.