Test Options

The wide range of options available from Testifire make it the perfect tool for testing both single and multi-sensor detectors. Stimuli can be provided either independently (as single stimulus), sequentially or simultaneously. The option or suite of options is selected in advance by means of a user friendly LED interface or on an 'as required' basis using the remote control.

Single Stimulus

A single stimulus test (be that Smoke, Heat or CO) would be appropriate for a single stimulus detector. If desired, Testifire will continue to produce single stimulus time after time. Each test can be followed by the clearing cycle.

Simultaneous Stimuli

If required, Testifire can produce any simultaneous combination of its core stimulus. Not only may this be necessary in order to activate efficiently certain 'enhanced' detectors that rely on one element to rouse another but where multi sensor detectors are capable of identifying different sensor activations, it can cut test times by over 66%. As with single stimulus, simultaneous stimuli can be followed by the clearing cycle.

Sequential Testing

Sequential stimuli would typically be used on multi sensor detectors that cannot separately identify individual sensor activation in a simultaneous test environment. In these situations, Smoke, Heat and / or CO stimuli can be generated in any order selected by the user. Each of the sequential stimuli can be interspersed with the clearing cycle.

Clearing Cycle

When selected this option clears stimuli away from the detector enabling considerably faster reset times, reducing the risk of repeat alarms and greatly enhancing productivity.